Frequently asked questions

  • Can I request you add ____ feature?

    We have a list of features we are planning on building in the future. Thanks for your patience and prayers as we are a small team of volunteers headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with limited time.

  • Can I sync across devices?

    Unfortunatley no, in the future we may add accounts to save progress, but for now you will just have to keep track yourself when switching devices.

  • What Bible translation do you use? Do you have plans for more translations in the future?

    We use the ESV translation. We do not plan to use other translations at this time, but do encourage you to make use the advantages of each translation.

  • Can I view all the videos in one place?

    Yes, check out The Bible Project's Youtube channel.

  • What denomination are you affiliated with?

    We are not affiliated with any particular denomination.

  • I want to go deeper, do you have any resources?

    Yes, we've been working on a way to go deeper in Bible skills! You can check it out at: Enter The BibleDojo